Mexican Apron-Ava #39
Mexican Apron-Ava #39
Mexican Apron-Ava #39

Mexican Apron-Ava #39

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One-of-a-kind handmade embroidered apron.

Blue and yellow plaid with blue flowers and scalloped embroidery around edges.

Size: S/M


Because each apron is unique, we've numbered them so we could easily photograph and share with you here. The pricing varies depending upon the complexity of the design (and amount of embroidery).


Aprons are made from a colorful checked cotton/poly fabric, hand cut and sewn (so there are quirks like uneven stitches) and are generously embroidered (using some pretty amazing machine embroidery techniques). You can throw them in the wash and they hold up beautifully. 

I still wash and wear my heavily used art studio aprons from twenty years ago!