89. ROBOT VACUUM - portrait painting by Lisa Sonora from the series 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary


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As the pandemic stretches on, I learned that Amazon Mexico does indeed deliver things to my rural mountain address that the local shops don’t.


I’ve found myself getting some creature comforts. Some bakeware — because my friend Gayle (Portrait #56) sent me a toaster oven. Homemade bread and cookies!

As the caretaker of three large rescue dogs, there is a daily battle against dog hair.

So I bought a robot vacuum from Amazon. It never arrived, after months of being told by the shipper: your order is on the way.

Amazon was really great and refunded me. But still. No robot vacuum for me. After trying a bunch of things, I settled on a Swiffer - with generic dry sweeping cloths that I dip in my own essential oil plus Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap concoction. Because the smell of Swiffer cloths makes me ill, and I like to make my own cleaning products. Not as a pandemic thing, but a normal thing.

Do you even care about these details?

This portrait is from the series, 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary by Lisa Sonora. 

What began as a creative challenge to focus my energies during the first weeks of solo quarantine in March 2020, evolved into a diary of my experience. 

These small, original portraits are painted on top pages cut and upcycled from my sketchbooks.


Materials: Acrylic, Ink, Wax, Graphite on Paper

Size: 5 X 7 Inches (13 x 18 CM)


This is a signed and authenticated original painting by Lisa Sonora.


Original paintings can be purchased now, but won’t ship until the next time I'm in the USA — hopefully in Winter 2021, but it might be March 2022 due to travel restrictions. (The paintings are currently in Mexico.) You’ll be notified before your piece ships.

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