63. BYO PPE - portrait painting by Lisa Sonora from the series 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary


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Three months ago today, I bought 2 liters of hand sanitizer (still available in Mexico, in some places) to bring to the friend I was on my way to visit in the USA. Three days after arriving, I turned around and came home, cutting short the three week trip early, fearing border closures, flights canceling, and the like. 

That all seems like such a long time ago now. And so insignificant, in the grand scheme. But wait. I notice the 3-2-3-3 sequence above. My childhood OCD was soothed (amplified?) by repeating numbered patterns. So many memories cut through me.  Shards of broken mirrors that appear and disappear at random as I go about my day. PTSD?

I’m documenting this here, in this series, because these are the ordinary details of life that get eclipsed by trauma, that somehow seem necessary to remember as a way of healing. 

I don’t mean just my trauma, I mean the collective trauma (upon traumas). 

What ordinary details of life take on a new strangeness now? What memories surface from your distant beginnings? Are you capturing your thoughts and feelings about them? Just writing this caption took me to so many places.

These small, original portraits are painted on top pages cut and upcycled from my sketchbooks.

This portrait is from the series, 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary. 

What began as a creative challenge to focus my energies during the first weeks of solo quarantine in March 2020, evolved into a diary of my experience. 


Materials: Acrylic, Ink, Wax, Graphite on Paper

Size: 5 X 7 Inches (13 x 18 CM)


This is a signed and authenticated original painting by Lisa Sonora.

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