26. APOLLINAIRE - portrait painting by Lisa Sonora from the series 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary


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We all have places we were going to be, before quarantine and cancellations. Last week, I would have been in Paris, for a focused week of writing and art making, plus extra days for thrift shopping and creative adventures. With cafe time every day. One of my favorite things.

Instead, I jumped on a virtual tour of Paris, set before WW1 and the flu epidemic of 1918. The presenter reminded me of this quote from poet Apollinaire, that I remember copying into one of my teenage journals. He is credited with founding the surrealist movement, was friends with Picasso and his art gang, and sadly, died of the flu in 1918, after being injured fighting in WW1.

His words ring as true as ever to me. And I am grateful for so much. For my pens, paint, paper. For eyes to see. For literacy and books and translators... Etc. ad infinitum.

“Without poets, without artists... everything would fall apart into chaos. There would be no more seasons, no more civilizations, no more thought, no more humanity, no more life even; and impotent darkness would reign forever. Poets and artists together determine the features of their age, and the future meekly conforms to their edit.” —Guillaume Apollinaire said that.

These small, original portraits are painted on top pages cut and upcycled from my sketchbooks.

This portrait is from the series, 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary. 

What began as a creative challenge to focus my energies during the first weeks of solo quarantine in March 2020, evolved into a diary of my experience. 


Materials: Acrylic, Ink, Wax, Graphite on Paper

Size: 5 X 7 Inches (13 x 18 CM)


This is a signed and authenticated original painting by Lisa Sonora.