23. Happy Hour? - portrait painting by Lisa Sonora from the series 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary

23. Happy Hour?

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Quarantine silver lining story:

Still laughing with my best friend from music school in Chicago, Ken Cade. 

Every Friday, we meet on WhatsApp for a proper happy hour. He ringing in from Toronto, Canada, me from the rural mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

We’re as ridiculous, disheveled, and bawdy as we ever were back then, when we drank and danced in the gay nightclubs in New Town (as it was called back in the day) the only bars that didn’t check our I.D.’s

Only now we’re older and greyer and by whatever act of fate, circumstance, or choice: single. And still grappling with the economics of being self-employed artists. We can talk about anything together, no judgment.

That we’ve stayed in touch across decades before the Internet or social media is a wonder.

Soul friends can do that.

These small, original portraits are painted on top pages cut and upcycled from my sketchbooks.

This portrait is from the series, 100 Portraits in 100 Days: A Quarantine Diary. 

What began as a creative challenge to focus my energies during the first weeks of solo quarantine in March 2020, evolved into a diary of my experience. 


Materials: Acrylic, Ink, Wax, Graphite on Paper

Size: 5 X 7 Inches (13 x 18 CM)


This is a signed and authenticated original painting by Lisa Sonora.