Handmade Embroidered Mexican Aprons

Handmade Embroidered Mexican Aprons

Are you a textile lover? Ever since my first trip to Mexico, I've collected these handmade embroidered aprons. They're like wearable works of art.

The two front pockets hold keys, phone and a small wallet. Throw on over a tank top this summer and have an instant tunic blooming with color.

Wear your apron to protect your clothes while making art, gardening, or cooking.

There are just a few aprons available — get yours now, and I'll include a handmade journal from my studio.

Since they're my favorite apron to wear in the art studio, during workshops students always asked me where they could get one (or if they could buy mine!). So I started bringing them along with me to workshops. 

Right now I have just a small batch of aprons at my sister's place in Illinois, and also with my artistic aunt Nancy in Michigan (hi Tia!) and they're going to pack and send you your favorite(s).