The Latest: Bike crash, book launch…what else? {August 2013 Review}

here I am in my studio

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Articles: August 2013

the bright light of inspiration striking, it went right through my helmet (and thick skull!)Where ideas come from. (crash helmet included)

In which I have a flash of insight (captured in actual photo, to the left) and get hit by a car on my bike.

Spoiler alert: I’m in one piece (enough) to blog about this, so obvs. not dead yet.  Read more >

Besides, I’m determined to celebrate another year on the planet (this month, see below).


My new book is out. Will you celebrate with me?Sketchbooks, by Lisa Sonora Beam. Chapter 19 page spread.

If you are salivating for the book, go get it, and then come back here if you have a few minutes to read this.

If you want to go strait to the party, and my invitation to celebrate, scroll down to this part: Let’s Get This Party Started.

Otherwise, I want to tell you a little story about putting a new book into the worldRead more…


the postmark: 8.12.13a letter from a hundred years ago

While sifting through collage ephemera the other day, I came across this vintage envelope and letter.

What really struck me was the date. Exactly one hundred years ago today.

Improbable. Highly unlikely. Nearly impossible. Read more > (and see more pics)


Where women *don’t* creatework in progress; my messy work table. need an intervention.

There is an entire lovely magazine devoted to the subject of where women create, chock full of nicely organized and equipped studio spaces.

I’m not likely to be featured, unless chaos is welcome in the pages.

It’s tempting to tell you this is what the table looks like when I’m really disorganized, but this is pretty much the permanent state of my work surfaces.

Work in progress: who says it’s tidy, anyway? Read more >


Recent Press:

Dirty Footprints Studio: A Chat with Lisa Sonora Beam

On Friday, I was interviewed by Connie Hozvicka at Dirty Footprints Studio about Sketchbooks, my new memoir. We chatted about the creative process, of course. My all-time favorite subject.

Connie sent me a sweet message asking to interview me after she downloaded Sketchbooks and confessed to staying up all night reading it on her phone!

Connie writes on her blog:

I can not sing it’s [Sketchbooks] praises loud enough! Lisa simply opens her heart (and her sketchbook) and allows us to gracefully travel her inner landscape with her.

Plus, to top it off, I was honored to sit and chat with Lisa on Skype just a few days ago.  This is the first time either of us have met and we invite you to grab a cup of tea, settle in, and join us.

Below is a video of our Skype chat.

September Brings:

Playing with paper: 

The custom, limited edition printed version of Sketchbooks is now designed and are shipping now.

These are handcrafted by me, one-at-a-time and each is one-of-a-kind. If you’ve ordered one, they are making their way out of my studio and into the world. Watch your mailbox. I love sending out arty mail.

You can still order, through September only.

Playing with paint:

Playing with paint and paper go together so beautifully. I’ll show you some new paintings in September.


What’s in store for 2014? September is my annual planning time. Which also happens with a fair amount of play with paint, pretty paper, and load of collage clippings.


September brings a celebration of so many Virgo/Libra birthdays, including RocketMan (the virgo) September 5, and me (a barely-Libra by one degree) on September 25.

Back-to-school, and Fall is my favorite time of year.

To celebrate, I’ve got a new e-course for you coming up October 2. Registration will be open in early September, I’ll send you a quick note when that happens. Meanwhile, stock up on your pencils, pens, pretty paper. And treat yourself to a new sketchbook.

Whew! That’s a lot… how about you? What are you working on? What are you looking forward to in September?

Right Now, I Am Appreciating:

A long, holiday weekend here in the U.S.A. It’s Labor Day weekend.

I’m celebrating the fruits of my labor with long naps, lots of book reading and tea drinking, art dates with friends, and some long bike rides (with a brand new crash helmet, which I hopefully won’t be using for it’s intended purpose).

Letters, from readers of the new memoir: This is the best part about putting work into the world.

Being met back with heartfelt stories and sharing from people who are reading, and then writing to tell me what moved them, what inspires them about my story. My email address is in the book, encouraging readers to write, if they desire.

I am printing these letters out to savor and read over again. They are filling up a beautiful file folder stacked next to the books I’m reading. What a gift. Thank you.


Thanks so much for stopping by. As always, your presence here is appreciated greatly.


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