Taking Stock of Your Year with a Year End Review — Here’s My Small Start

A December love note

So many if us are crawling across the finish line of 2017 with fatigue, burnout and the blahs…

Let us go inward and re-light our tiny fuses and find comfort and warmth.

“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard…”

— Anne Sexton

2017 has been a year of hopscotch months home here in Mexico, then abroad. So many ocean crossings and time upon the great waters. I need time to reflect and digest it all.

I’ve been quiet in public, doing most of my work behind the scenes.

On November 29, I am leaving on a jet plane.

Hint: I am going to cross the ocean again.

I’ll be taking a sort of Winter sabbatical across England in a series of cottages—with warm baths, long walks, and plenty of time for writing and reflection. Earl Grey tea by day. Something herbal for night time.

If you’d like to keep up with my journey more or less in real time, I am making an effort to post regularly over on Instagram to let you in on what is happening.

Harvest Time: Take Stock of 2017

The end of the year is when I take stock of all work in progress, and all that was accomplished so far in 2017. It’s my first step before setting the bigger picture plan for 2018.

You did good & you are enough.

There were many conversations over dinner with Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio while she was here in November teaching her Paint Fearless Mexico workshops.

Here last night here, I cried with frustration over my seeming lack of energy for creating new work or being visible in the world.

Connie said: Sister! You hosted 10 workshops for me and other artists at your studio in Mexico… you traveled abroad 3 of those months teaching and creating…

For starters.

The next morning I got out my journal and made a list of all the major things I actually accomplished so far in 2017.

My dog Rocky cuddled in close and seemed to look on with approval.

Year-end journaling questions to help you take stock of your accomplishments:

What did I do this year? (Make a list.)

What am I most proud of?

How will I celebrate my accomplishments? (My celebrations include taking workshops and time away at lodgings with deep soaking bathtubs. Hint: Plan something special for 2018!)

How can we be kinder and gentler with ourselves as we take stock of what we do?

What would life be like without judging ourselves as lacking or inadequate?

Macchiato loves to check out what we are working on in the studio during workshops here at Art House Oaxaca.

2018 is already filling up with even more travel plans, including a travel journaling retreat here in Mexico — doesn’t that sound fun?

What are your favorite ways to bring your year to a close?

How do decide what you want to work on in the coming year?

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas… and plans!

from the heart,


p.s. If you want to treat your inner artist to some fun at home (staycation!) you might like my brand new workshop: The Postcard Journal: Document Your Journey, Tell Your Travel Stories

You can do it in the comfort of home, in your pajamas!

2 Responses to Taking Stock of Your Year with a Year End Review — Here’s My Small Start

  1. Mary Alice Long November 30, 2017 at 12:09 pm #

    Hi Lisa, its been a while since I read once of your blog posts. When I do my visual journaling or am writing in 5 minutes spurts I so often think of you. I’m also playing with the ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ again in a serious play kind of way and hope to play with a group of local folks inspired by your work. I’m painting, drawing, and even have a large blank canvas calling…

    Lots of sudden change and digging deep.

    Don’t know if you know…but I talked with my surrogate son, William, for the first time (since handing him over lovingly to his adoptive mom and dad over 30 years ago) in January on my mom’s (his maternal grandmother’s) birthday. We met in-person in L.A. in September and then in October he died after a struggle with skin cancer that went to his lungs and then to his brain.

    I’ve been sharing excerpts of my story and broadcasting both on Periscope, Facebook LIVE, and some times on Instagram.

    I’m re-writing my memoir’s edited manuscript….

    I have joined an incredible group of women online, Perigirls and Heart Tribes and on Saturday we are broadcasting about our 2017. #SaturdayExpress #Periscope #Perigirls

    Your post caught my attention in my in-box. Part of my end of the year dream and synchronicity.

    I continue to be filled with gratitude for your work and inspiration.

    Playfully, Mary Alice

  2. Darlene Rose November 30, 2017 at 12:06 pm #

    Lisa, I don’t have onstage am, I do have e-mail it is Fum following your travel. Have a brilliant time in England, Christmas in England what a great time to be there!

    Lots of warm clothes and hot baths and yes, tea time!

    I want to go to the Royl Wedding in May 2018, that would be a fascinatir atop my head dream come true!

    Thank you, Hpoy Christmas!

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