Read this the next time you feel your creativity is languishing (or lacking)

In true Mexican “mañana” style, daylight savings time here in Mexico happens a good month or so after the USA. Not until April 5 do we finally “spring forward”.

This is supposed to be simple math, but this moving of the clocks is always disorienting to me. The slant of light looks and feels different, rising earlier (later?) than usual.

Spring (or Fall – for my friends across the globe!) change of seasons are my favorite times to hit refresh on my projects, plans, practices.

If you feel your creative goals and plans, your creative hopes and dreams are…languishing, or seem far way, this is the ideal time to consider what your creative practice looks like, and to get one into place if you don’t have one.

This subject is so important that it was the first in-depth online course I created, Creative + Practice — eight weeks of hand-holding to take you from procrastination and avoidance to happily engaged focus and flow.

It’s About Creating Order and Simplicity

Learning how to design and use regular, sturdy, healthy creative habits brings a a certain order and simplicity to the work of getting creative stuff done.

And oh boy, has there been a new world order happening over here in my corner of the Universe.

I’m talking about putting things in order, in such a way that I have not been able to before. Even after years of practice!

This is all very recent and fresh, and I’m still trying to write about it – also, I think I’m afraid of jinxing my breakthrough by talking about it too soon. But I do want to share this particular aspect of “the practice” with you in the coming weeks.

So wherever you are in the world and within the seasonal shifts, I send you the following for your inspiration and en-courage-ment…

Your creative dreams and ideas need languish no longer. They do need space to come out to the light of day, as you’ll see, below. Enjoy.

Dwell time

In my experience, work-in-progress doesn’t look like much of anything.

It doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t look like progress.

Case in point: These very rough beginnings of paint on paper. This is how I always begin new work.

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Wondering if you’re really an artist?
Yep, I’ve heard that song before.

Practicing Your Art (and what I mean by ART)

Sometimes our work is about healing our bodies, or resting, or taking care of others.

Sometimes our art is about learning how to trust our instincts, or be gentler with ourselves, or go through life with more ease.

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If you’re languishing due to illness or just plain lack of energy… well, I’ve struggled with that, too.

That’s why Doing Creative Practice (In Bed) can be so restorative.

 In this video you’ll get:
  1. a tour of my latest sketchbook,
  2. see how I work portably,
  3. a common myth (and associated creative block) about creativity debunked forever,
  4. my recipe for vegan hot chocolate.
All in three minutes or so. Read (and watch!) here >
And yes, the video is g-rated.
And one more, did you happen to see what is happening over here? Quite a stir…
Creative + Practice: An 8 week e-course journey with Lisa Sonora Beam - designed to help you develop regular and happy creative habits - even in the midst of a too-busy life without an art studio!Registration is now open for Creative + Practice

Why Creative Practice? The thing I’m asked most often is how I am able to make a living as an artist.

I could tell you about Paypal buttons, affiliate programs, social media techniques, pricing your work, marketing your work, branding your work, selling your work.

But the true secret to my success an artist and creative entrepreneur has to do with this …

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  1. Anne DeMarsay March 18, 2015 at 5:25 pm #

    My creative flow is at a low ebb, after a wonderful month of FLOW in January. I’ve pulled out images for Magic Book but been unable to get into it. There’s another pile of images for a vision board. I feel uncertain and hesitant–not afraid of practicing per se but that the work will somehow be futile. Thanks for the reminder about just showing up at the sketchbook, and about “Dwell Time.” I needed both those nudges today.

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