Paint Fearless

Studio Diary January 9, 2016

Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio is here at Art House Oaxaca (my artist retreat place in Mexico) teaching TWO Paint Fearless Mexico workshops.

Since Connie arrived last week, we’ve been painting together. Up at the crack of dawn and rocking out in the studio to any number of Connie’s magical artmaking playlists.

And this is BEFORE the workhop officially started yesterday.

Connie and I are both obsessed about documenting our creative process. We keep studio journals, project journals, and I’ve even photographed my work in process. But I never share my process as it unfolds.

But Connie is inspiring me to shake things up a bit.

And so is Tierra Madre¬†– we started our workshop yesterday morning with a 6:15 am earthquake. ūüôā A little shaker, nothing serious.

Connie documents her creative process live with Instagram posts, so I thought I’d try something similar.

I’ve been taking short videos of my process and techniques. Today I woke up with this crazy idea – what if I start sharing this with you on my blog?

Here we go…

Studio Diary, January 9, 2017

Creative Habit

Documenting my creative process in a¬†studio diary is one of my creative habits. But this is the first time I’ve thought of making short video studio diaries. And it’s the first time I’ve dared to publish something like this publicly.

If this is something you find interesting, I’ll keep doing it. Although I must confess it does feel like a huge creative edge for me. That’s code for: scared shitless.

This is terrifying!

But here I am, at a painting retreat called Paint Fearless.

Kinda perfect, huh?

Follow Along…

You can see what Connie and the other painters in the workshop are posting by searching for this hashtag:


And you can see more of Art House Oaxaca on the Art House Oaxaca Facebook Page:

and the Art House Oaxaca hashtag: #arthouseoaxaca

30 Day Journal Project Update

P.S. I’ve decided to push back the opening of this year’s¬†30 Day Journal Project to February 1st, 2017.

I’ve got some new surprises in store for this round of the¬†30 Day Journal Project, and with all of this painting going on, I simply want to take more time to put it all together for you. I promise it will be worth the wait! xoxo

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