Weekend Flash Sale on NOW! Crazy deal on Creative + Practice

Summer Flash Sale - Get the crazy deal HERE.

This summer* (of supposedly doing not much) has been the most artistically productive of my life.

And we’re only halfway through.

So I want to celebrate.

I’m sharing you with you my #1 creativity tool — the one that has helped thousands of people create more and fear/stress/procrastinate less.

So that you, too, can be wildly (or even just mildly) creative.

Focus. Clarity. Momentum. You get that from having a creative practice.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

Here’s the crazy deal:

Get Creative + Practice for just $97. Regular price is $497.

You can even pay in 2 installments. $49 now. $49 in 30 days.

You’ll get access to the course immediately, with a money back guarantee.


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Don’t wait. This deal is only good THIS weekend. Starting… NOW.

And then this deal goes POOF. Away.

Why Creative + Practice?

I used to be so stuck and frustrated by my creative ideas. Filled with doubt and unworthiness. It took me DECADES to have creative courage and find my way through all of that.

I was so sick of seeing my students struggle with the same stuff. There is a better, faster, easier way. I wish I had known then what you’ll find in the Creative + Practice workshop.


Your creative ideas are waiting for you.

Action Jackson time!

CLICK HERE to see if Creative + Practice is right for you ->

Thanks for popping by today!

May your Summer* creativity THRIVE!

*If it is indeed winter where you are (waving to my friends in Australia, Argentina, and …. where are YOU?) then it’s an even better time to cosy up and create. Stay in the house in your pajamas and slippers and do creative practice.

VIDEO! Yeah – this is the most unflattering light possible. Also – I’m in the studio at the crack of dawn, so. Morning make-up free face. I’m daring to share that video anyway because I want you to know my story a bit, and it’s easier to just tell than write about it. Whew!

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