A Quiet Anniversary & Peek Inside My 2002 MBA Visual Journal

Fifteen years ago today, I finally pressed the magic button that made my blog live on the world wide web.

It’s the same year I applied and got accepted into business school (as an artist! ha!). In the photo, above, I’m working in the visual journal I started keeping to document the unlikely detour of getting an MBA after an early mid-midlife crisis. (I think kids these days are calling them quarter-life crises.)


It didn’t occur to me that this 15 year blog anniversary was upon me until I was working in my 2018 planner, so I stopped what I was doing and made a quick video for you.

You see, this time of year is always my best productive creative time – especially the week between Christmas and New Years. I always plan a deep staycation in the studio and work day and night in such a satisfying way.

My studio is a MESS though, as a result, so please join me at my kitchen table, where I’m writing, planning and drinking a suitcase full of tea that I just brought home to Mexico from England.

I’m flipping through the visual journal I was working on at the time, and sharing what I am reflecting on in between working in the studio and working on a brand new free thing for you coming up in January.

It was so scary for me to start a blog…

15 years of blogging has changed my life in so many ways. I am reflecting on that and feel like a numbered list is in order.


Dare to Launch

This is a note of encouragement for you if you are wanting to launch something, or start a creative project and are too afraid. Or don’t feel ready.

I was both afraid, and not ready, and did it anyway.

I still don’t know what I’m doing, but that’s the nature of making something new.

And I still feel afraid every time I press publish.

Which reminds me of this story about the actor Henry Fonda – who threw up before every live performance.

Thank goodness my stage fright (PAGE fright) doesn’t manifest that way.

Here are some more photos from my visual journal — in case they went by too quickly in the video.

When I applied to business school, instead of doing a boring power point or resume type admissions statement, I instead created an entire visual journal. Answering all of their required questions, but doing it with word and image.

I also glued in leaves I collected at Emily Dickinson’s house that Fall, which helped me tell my story.

The MBA admissions visual journal was illustrated with photos of my other visual journals.

So what you’re seeing above, is a photocopy of one of the pages from the admissions journal glued in to visual journal from the video – with a bunch of stamps stuck on top.

I love to collect stamps – but don’t keep them in albums like a normal collector. I use them in my art.

Sadly – that whole MBA admissions visual journal went missing when I loaned it to someone who wanted to use the same idea to apply to graduate school and never gave it back. Mwah!

Back to my MBA visual journal: I added some brown paper grocery bag paper to the book – it’s one of my favorite kind of papers to work on – reminds me of cardboard, another favorite surface to paint on.

The paper bag page folds out. I love creating secret writing spaces within my journals.

As shown in the video, this visual journal is made inside a book from 1964 called, “THE WORKING GIRL in a Man’s World”.

I have much more to say about THAT, but there’s Georgia, with her GET BACK TO WORK face.

I’m getting back to work on a new free workshop for you for 2018.

If you’re a new reader here (welcome!) I’ve done a big free course every New Year for the last four years.

This year I’ve got something different for you (still FREE) but am going to release it a bit later.

If you pop your email into the form, below – you’ll get it.

It’s a whole FREE training course on video  — with a wonderFULL workbook.

The first video will float into your inbox on February 1st.

By the way…

This new thing I’m creating has me feeling just as nervous / excited as I did when I launched my blog.

So keep an eye out…

Meanwhile, I send you a warm cuppa tea, and the gentle nudge to think about what YOU would create next, even if still afraid, and even if you’re not ready.

And if you dare, tell me what it is — the comments await your courage!

2018 Live Workshop Update

Speaking of planning workshops and such for 2018, I want to let you know now that I am teaching just ONE in-person, live workshop in 2018.

It’s happening in March, at my place in Mexico and the details are here.

Moving forward, I will only rarely lead live workshops and instead working with the Guidesses in my facilitator training to teach my methods out in the world.

So if you want to come work with me in person, now is the time!

What My First Blog Post Looked Like

In the video, I mentioned that I would share a link to what my first blog post looked like.

It’s here:

What My First Blog Post Looked Like (peek inside my 2001 sketchbook)

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