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I’m glad you popped over! My latest blog post is here. Here’s what else is happening…

With *2016 coming to a close, I’ve got house/art guests all month (yay! — see below) and am already blocking out dates and buying my airline tickets for next year’s creative travel adventures.

Wanna come along?

Textile Art Tour and Workshop in MexicoAdult Spring Break? In Mexico? Yes, Please.

I don’t know about you, but I totally missed out on the Spring Break thing when I was a college student. My Spring (and Summer) breaks, ha ha, were mostly opportunities to work more — waitressing, selling tickets for the Chicago river boat tours. Etc.

In wasn’t until I was in my 32 years old, that I finally understood the meaning of Spring Break.

That March, I taught a painting workshop in Hawaii for the first time. I was working – but now doing something I totally loved and dreamed of doing my whole life-in paradise with a group of amazing women.

This sure set the bar high for what I wanted to do with my career! BTW: Spring is still technically Winter if you’re from Chicago.

This Spring, you can join me here at my place in Mexico, for the Creative Passport Mexico, Textiles & Talismans Art Workshop & Tour.

It’s happening March 22-27, 2017, in Oaxaca, Mexico at my place, Art House Oaxaca. It’s a small group of 10 women, max, who love textiles and want to have a creative adventure. We’ll be making art, visiting amazing indigenous crafts villages (the best in all of Mexico), eating, and…yeah, shopping.

You’ll be in the land of textiles, magic, pottery, painting and more! Limited to just 10 ladies max. Yes, I did say Magic. Oaxaca is a magical land and I’ve been in love with this place for 17 years.

Wanna Write?

I’ll be guiding some art journaling workshops, especially for writers, at Jennifer Louden’s Taos Writer’s Retreat, April 30-May 6, 2017.

Italy Art Workshop & Tour

At the Creative Passport to Italy workshop we’ll be staying in the ancient hill town of Orvieto, where we’ll eat (and learn to cook) Italian food, shop at a traditional market, go wine tasting, and lots of other fun stuff — and document our adventures in a unique travel journal. Anyone craving pasta yet?!

Hurry, though. Just 4 Spaces left in the Italy workshop!

Day of the Dead in Mexico – Art & Workshop Tour

Next Fall, in Oaxaca, Mexico, you can celebrate Day of the Dead with me, and learn to document your travels with photos, art, writing and collage, in the Creative Passport to Mexico, workshop, October 27-November 3, 2017. No experience in art is necessary to attend.

We’ll be at Art House Oaxaca, my retreat and artist residency space. If you want to stay longer, or book a stay for another time, be my guest with your own room, bath, and work space.

Lisa with paintbrushes

Creative Life in Mexico

Art House Oaxaca is an artist residency for workshops and private retreats I’ve created here in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Oaxaca is pronounced Wa-ha-ka, and is both a city and a state, like New York, NY).

Simply, it’s the place I wish existed everywhere I travel: a light-filled guest room with my own bathroom, a place to work on my writing and art, 3-prong outlets, window screens, a bigger studio space in case I really want to throw paint around or write outside, a hammock, a wonderful onsite cafe where I can get coffee, tea or a coconut or almond milk cappucino, fresh green juice, and the list goes on…

Art House Oaxaca is a place for artists and art lovers to stay for a week or longer. If you teach workshops, it’s perfect for your group. We have 5 rooms, double occupancy, to host a total of 10 people at once. The workshop space accommodates a larger group, so people can stay offsite, too, and still attend your workshop.

One of the things I love best about Oaxaca (and it’s a very long list!) is the colonial architecture feature the buildings have of being hidden behind tall adobe walls. When you enter through the arched doorways, it’s always a surprise to see gardens, and interior patios behind the entry patios.

It’s a city of secret gardens and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Magical.


With the exit of 2016, which turned out to be such a difficult (that’s a mild word for it) year for me and for so many (you know who you are!) I’m temped to say something like, Hey, 2016, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. But I didn’t want to open with that.

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Go gently,

with care, Lisa Sonora

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