Nervous Breakdown – daily painting

Nervous Breakdown, mixed-media painting by Lisa Sonora

Nervous Breakdown, mixed-media painting by Lisa Sonora

Who hasn’t been on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or is it really the precipice of a breakthrough?

I have a bit of a story about this painting and how this series of paintings has served me as kind of a divination tool — not something I planned.

You can read it here: from nervous breakdown to bibliotherapy

What have you got on nervous breakdown?

Call for Entries – Share a story for the 1008 paintings project

Why: When I began this daily painting project, whose working title is: 1008 Meditations on the Human Condition, I knew it would always become a collection of shared stories. Yours, mine, everyone’s.

To learn more about story collecting for this project check out the first post in this series, Magical Thinking – Daily Painting & Story Collecting.

Your Turn

How to share a story: Simply add your own story inspired by today’s painting title in the comments. The title of the post, before the hyphen (— daily painting) is the same as the title of the painting. You can stay anonymous or include your byline and a link to your website. For the purposes of  our project, we’ll treat all work as fiction.

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