Magic Book

Magic Book: A Whole Year of Journaling Prompts & Projects

Get Magic Book  |  $34 for a whole YEAR of lessons. 12 in all. Instant Digital Download.

After the first 30 Day Journal Project launched, I was stunned by how many participants had never (ever!) journaled before. They wrote:

“Wow – I never journaled before, and this project inspired me to begin.”

Others, including experienced writers, coaches, and artists – many who teach daily writing and creativity themselves, asked:

“Where do I go from here?”

“How do I keep this momentum going?”

The seed was planted for doing a year-long journaling workshop that wouldn’t be time-consuming or overwhelming—or even require a daily journal entry. Ooh! How does that work?!

How it works:

Magic Book brings you a whole year of journaling inspiration. You can jump in anytime of the year.

In this digital download, you get 12 sets (one for each month of the year) of creative journaling prompts and a project to help you connect with your creativity.

You’ll also get a printable set of prompts to help you start (or keep) a daily journaling habit. The daily journaling is totally optional.

Projects include simple, easy and fun ways to incorporate mixed-media art, collage, photography into your journaling.

Take a look at this video to see what the first “chapter” looks like in my own Magic Book:

Each month is like adding a new chapter to your magic book. You don’t have to do all of the projects. Even if you just dip in and out, you’ll be creating a whole new year of possibilities.

This is a simple way to stay connected with your creativity, me, and a community of kindred journalers. You don’t have go it alone!

What You Need to Use Magic Book:

  • an Internet connection to purchase and then download your digital edition Magic Book
  • a printer or copy shop to print out your copy of Magic Book
  • a 3-ring binder, size 8.5 x 11
  • paper and something to write with
  • a spirit of curiosity will take you far

The name Magic Book is inspired by participants from my workshops. The common word students use to describe their experience is: magic.

“I feel like I have a magic book to guide me.”

“The experience was so magical.”

“The transformation of old ways of being happened as if my magic.”


Here’s what one of the projects looks like in my Magic Book.

There is a journaling project about taking and using Selfies to tap into our inner wisdom. It includes two photos of ourselves. One in present time, and one from our childhood.

That’s my selfie birthday photo in my studio from this past September. And me on the right as two or three-year-old. We’ll be working with our photos more in our magic year together.

The video, above, goes into some different details about our projects for the first month’s lesson, and I share my whole journal so you can get some inspiration for yours.

Keeping a creative journal is like having a magic key that opens a secret door into a new world.

This year, why not make some magic of your own? A new world filled with:

  • new possibilities
  • new beginnings
  • new ideas
  • new relationships
  • new connections
  • new stories
  • new opportunities

What new beginnings to do you wish for? Desire and curiosity is all you need to begin your Magic Book.

Get Magic Book  |  $34 for a whole YEAR of lessons. 12 in all.

Delivered auto-magically to you as a complete digital download.

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