gorgeous genius: susannah conway

Dare I say I’ve got a major creative girl-crush on Susannah Conway?

If you don’t want to hear me blather on, just hit play and listen to what she has to say about her writing process. I wanted details! She revealed!


We did an audio interview, which looked all boring when I posted it on the page.

She’s a photographer and her book is gorgeous. Visuals, please!

I got a last-minute wild hair to make a little movie of our talk so you could look at her pretty pictures.


I’d been lurking about on her blog since the early days, and when she announced her memoir finally being published, I got over my “I’m-too-shy-and-awkward-to-write-to-authors” nonsense and immediately sent her an email asking if I could interview her.

She said yes! When the day came around, we talked for more than two hours, even though I messed up the time zone thing (I’m really dyslexic about time, backward instead of forward and vice versa).

It was like spending the afternoon with an old friend. Only she was in England and I was calling her from Mexico and we had never met. How cool is that?!

We talk about the magic powers of writing for ourselves.

Of daring to publish your writing with blogging (that’s how we both got our start and attracted book publishers to our work).

Of the beautiful alchemy that happens when we start connecting with others who are writing online and blogging.

There’s a very juicy tidbit right near the end of our talk. Something she did that helped her write her book. Something you’ll want to try if you’re trying to write something and are stuck.

Susannah’s new book is called: this I know: notes on unraveling the heart

It’s about healing from loss. It’s about using creativity to heal your life. It’s about becoming more of who you really are.

I couldn’t put it down and read it in one big gulp. But it’s the kind of book you want to pick up and look at and savor slowly. There are lots of creative prompts to try. I share about my experience with that in the interview.

Will you join in our conversation?

Your assignment:

Share in the comments what stood out to you in the interview. Something you learned. Something that inspired you. Something that made you remember your own gorgeous genius. For example.

For extra credit: Go ahead and write that fan letter to an author. Don’t be shy!

Susannah’s website is here.


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