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Happy Friday!

Luckily, I rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s a doozy. So I’ve been cozied up in bed this week, surrounded by three dogs, a stack of books, and a new bed tray that is great for keeping art supplies handy. And also eating soup.

I didn’t want you to miss the early discount for the 7 Creative Powers workshop, so I’ve rather feverishly rallied my energies and am writing this propped up on pillows. Thank goodness for laptops!

Today’s post also coincides with one of my weird creative habits, which I wrote about when 7 Creative Powers first launched. Creative habits, weird or not, are something we explore in the workshop.

There’s not only an early discount, but a payment plan.

And something new, too: Now you can get 7 Creative powers together with the Dreaming on Paper Digital Edition.

Now, I’m back to soup, sleep, reading, and recuperation.

The text below is from the video, and you can all of the details on the registration page right here.

What if you had a guidebook, written by your soul, that showed you how to create what you want, while avoiding what gets in your way?

Have you ever wondered,

Why is it so hard, to do what I really want to do?”, or

Why is there so much fear surrounding what I want to create?

Creative blocks aren’t just something artists experience.

We get blocked whenever:

we fear being judged or rejected,

think our work doesn’t matter

or isn’t good enough, or

compare ourselves to someone else success.

The 7 Creative Powers workshops is all about using our creativity to find out exactly where and how we stop ourselves, and what we can do differently, so we can more forward, without anxiety, fear or doubt getting in our way.

When we can’t motivate ourselves to “just do it”, or “feel the fear and do it anyway”, it makes us feel like a failure, even before we’ve begun.

We might think we’re lazy, unmotivated, or just don’t have what it takes, and when we try to will ourselves into action from this place, it backfires. Because we can’t force ourselves beyond the emotional limits that are at play.

There is a line from a poem by Rumi that says, You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it.

Creativity is a hero’s journey. Which means that we, the hero of our own life, will experience challenges, detours and dragons along the way to what we really want to create.

Creativity is a soul journey. And with a few simple tools, you can craft a handmade map to the treasure you seek.

p.s. If you’re under the weather, too, or just curious how I work with art supplies on a bed tray, there’s a video for that, too. And it includes my recipe for vegan hot chocolate.

Whether or not 7 Creative Powers is right for you now, I just want to say thanks for reading my stuff and let you know I appreciate you.

It’s kind of cool to feel like crap and still be able to reach out and feel connected with a community of kindreds. Whee!

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