FLASHSALE on Now: How to shop via comments

lisa sonora with paintbrushes

the photo that accidentally launched last years sale

Hello Art and Handmade Journal Kit Lovers!

Right now through June 30 only, you get get one-of-a-kind goodies in my online shop for a big savings.

The Backstory:

Last summer during my studio moving sale, I posted a couple of photos on Facebook about some of the art and handmade journal kits I make, in the spirit of showing my behind-the-scened process of setting up an artful moving adventure.

What happened next I didn’t expect.

People started saying “I WANT THAT” in my FB and Instagram comments. How much? they asked. Can I shop from your studio without actually being there?!

Sure, why not? So that’s how my best stuff was sold before the studio sale even opened to the public.


This June, I’ll be in Portland teaching, and can easily ship to you from the USA. So I’ve loaded up my online store with some brand new items for you. I’ll be adding new journaling kits, too!

See what’s new here: http://shop.lisasonora.com/

If you want to be able to shop directly by simply saying SOLD in Facebook or Instagram, here’s how:

How to Shop via Instagram comments

1. Follow me on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/lisasonora/

2. Register your email in my online shop here: http://lisasonora.myshopify.com?soldsie-reg=instagram

3. When you see me post an item for sale in Instagram (I’ll try to post something each day), comment SOLD with your email, for example: SOLD me@myemail.com

That’s it! You’ll be sent an invoice via email to complete your purchase. Whee!

How to Shop via Facebook Comments

1. Facebook Connect here: https://www.soldsie.com/shop/lisasonora

2. All you need to do is write SOLD in the comments.

Tip: Click “Get Notifications” under the LIKED tab so you see stuff when posted!

You’ll be sent an invoice via email to complete your purchase. Ta-da!

This is a brand new thing for me, creating an online shop with the ability to shop easily via Facebook and Instagram. Which is to say – I’m both nervous and excited to see how it all goes.

Jumped down here in a hurry? Here’s the 30 second message:

flash sale!

* * * FLASH SALE!  * * *

Through June 30 only, browse my shop now:

Shop via Facebook comments: https://www.soldsie.com/shop/lisasonora

Shop via Instagram comments: http://lisasonora.myshopify.com?soldsie-reg=instagram

See what’s new >

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