excuse me while I kiss the sky


It’s a rainy, cloudy and windswept morning here in Oaxaca. A bit of a twist on the normal rainy season with the effects of Hurricane Carlotta that hit the coast of Oaxaca earlier this weekend.

All month, I’ve been marveling at the show going on in the sky, full of dramatic cloud formations. These photos are shot with my iPhone, so they only capture a bit of what I see.

Last night I dreamt I was shooting with a real camera…I love to travel light and be minimalist with my gear…so I don’t know how this will square up.


The zocalo (town square) of Oaxaca just as the sun was going down and moments before a downpour.  Time, about 8:30 or 9 pm.


Don’t you love this neat band of cloud making a stripe between mountains and sky?

I have a crush on the house that you see on the right, first in foreground.


What is going on here?

It’s as if the sky said,

“You know, I just don’t know what I’m in the mood for today, so I’m going to try on a variety of clouds as see what looks best.”

I never can remember the names for the clouds. My nephews are quite astute at this sort of thing. Maybe their mom will let them come by this post and enlighten us in the comments. (Hi, Sis!)


This is my view everyday when I walk a half block down my street and look to the left.

It takes me a long time to get where I’m going in Oaxaca. I keep stopping to just stare at things. Sometimes I take out my camera. Sometimes I stop right in the middle of the street and scribble down notes for the visual memoir.

But this morning, I’m listening to the rain pinging down on the tin roof outside my kitchen window and splashing against the skylights over my bed.

Brewing another gourd of strong yerba mate. Pulling the thick handwoven Mexican blankets with their colorful ombre stripes around me. Settling in for a day of dreaming on paper.

How about you?

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