Embroidered Aprons Are Now in the Shop

This is what the aprons looked like right before they went into my suitcase.

If you’ve been to any of my in person workshops, or seen my videos, you’ve probably noticed that I’m always wearing a colorful embroidered apron.

Can’t wait to read the rest? You can go shopping now… right here.

The Apron Backstory

I started collecting these aprons back in the year 2000 when I first visited southern Mexico.

They make wonderful painting smocks, and I also love to use the fancier ones in the kitchen.

After over a decade of workshop participants complementing me on my aprons, it finally occurred to me to bring some to workshops so that people could buy them. Duh!

So a couple of years ago I brought a dozen to North Carolina. What I wasn’t expecting is for ladies to grab up two or three or four! Oops! There weren’t any aprons left to bring to Portland!

That’s why I brought a whole bunch more to the one USA workshop I taught this summer. Plenty for participants to choose from, and plenty to send via mail. (Jen will send them from the USA, domestic shipping only.)

Here I am unpacking and sorting all of the aprons.

Each apron is one-of-a-kind and handmade in Mexico.

I love to make treks into the mountain villages and markets, knocking on doors to see which ladies have new aprons.

Kelli, who hosted the Galena workshop, tried on many aprons before finally selecting this one.

We had a wonderful boutique available for us to use as a pop up shop during the workshop. Kelli made this beautiful display.

So fun to see all of the aprons hanging up in our pop-up shop. These are the colors that inspire my art.

Sisters in Aprons

This year, I collected a whole bunch of aprons in a black and white palette. this is a rare color scheme, a nice counterpoint to the bright colors.

Look how cute these sisters are in their new black and white aprons.

The apron on Kate (left) is available in the same style and similar color palette, the Madison #44

Incidentally, Kate is from Madison, and Jen created the name for this apron not knowing that.

Kendall (right) is wearing a style similar to the Ava #48

Things were hectic at the Galena worksop and I forgot to snap photos of everyone in their aprons! See below for how to share your apron photos.

My own sister (and assistant!) Jen, and I took the aprons outside in the summer light to photograph.

No having a clothesline handy, we hung aprons on the backyard rope swing.

The aprons Jen and I are wearing are for sale in the shop.

Jen’s wearing the “Lucy” #73

I’m wearing the “Lucy” #67

We have a handful of child sizes as well.

Have fun!

Show Us Your Apron!

Whenever someone gets an apron at a workshop, I try and snap a photo of them in it. This is one of my weird documentary habits. I just love seeing where the aprons go. Then when I go apron hunting in Mexico, I show pictures to the ladies who make them. It’s a full circle, and they love seeing their work so appreciated.

I’d love to see you in your apron! Please post on Facebook or Instagram and tag me. You can also post a photo here, in the comments.

Come to Mexico!

I’ll take you apron shopping at one of my upcoming Mexico workshops:

Creative Passport Mexico: Day of the Dead

Creative Passport Mexico: Textiles & Talismans

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