rooted, present, audacious {December 2013 Review}

here I am in my studio

A lot happened in December. More shedding of old…stuff…which is paving the way for the new work which is asking to happen.

Letting go of the old, there is also the feeling of going back to my roots, creatively. Getting back to my true purpose, which is difficult to talk about now. It’s too new and too soon.

What I have done here is open up more of my sketchbooks and journals for you, something readers of my memoir have been asking for.

Trusting the heart’s desire…where it is taking me in the work. Always something that feels edgy, no matter how many times I’ve done it.

I kept asking myself: What would happen if 10,000 people journaled together for 30 days? 

The result is Root: A 30 Day Journal Project which is engaging many thousands of people worldwide in creative journaling. It’s free to participate, and I whipped it all together in a week over the Christmas holiday. You can join us now. It’s causing quite a stir.

Following are links to all that got us here, exploring creative roots, enjoying our presence, and daring to confront the blank page.

the secret question is herethe secret question I ask myself during transitions


I photographed this shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe at a wood carver's home outside of Oaxaca City, Mexicograb a taco and celebrate my anniversary (and fav Mexican holiday) with me


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project with Lisa Sonora BeamRoot: A 30 Day Journal Project (original blog post)

The 30 Day Journal Project continues, get the latest updates, including next project round, here.



i really wanted to be a jazz singer and pianist...but it didn't turn out that way..audacity is the cure for self-doubt


enJoy your presence - mixed media visual journal by lisa sonora beamenjoy your presence



20131228-160057.jpgmake some art today and feel better


Brave: visual journal page by Lisa Sonora Beam. The Creative Entrepreneur.The Creative Sketchbook

This online workshop is the next best thing to working with me in person!

You get hundreds of photos and dozens of step-by-step tutorials that guide you through the exact methods I have used to make all kind of creative work: from books, to paintings, to design projects, to creating many successful businesses.

I’ll teach you how to express the creative yearning within, especially if you have absolutely NO idea what it is, or how to get at it.


If you are a new reader to, I like to do a Monthly Review Digest post to reflect on what happened (as a planner I tend to focus too far ahead sometimes) and as a quick and easy way for you to catch up on recent posts.



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