The Creative Sketchbook

The Creative Sketchbook

How To Make & Keep A Visual Journal for Discovery, Insight, Healing, and…Pure Fun!

Course Begins: March 20, 2017

The Creative Sketchbook is a four session workshop that guides you through the process of visual journaling in your own creative sketchbook.

The Creative Sketchbook helps you excavate your own true desires, innate wisdom, and intuition, with ease, gentleness and joy.

I will show you how to create without fear of the blank page, learning how to play and make a happy mess without fear of doing it wrong or not doing it perfectly.

* * * * *

The Creative Sketchbook is Lisa’s foundational course. Participation in this workshop (online or in person) fulfills the prerequisite for The Creative Journey Facilitator Training. * * * * *

“For a long time my mind associated art with final presentable high-craft product to be consumed by viewers and with concept and meaning.

Then I took the Dreaming on Paper workshop and found process as exploration and flow. The part that really jazzed me up was the permission, no admonishment that these pages can be entirely just for you, no one has to see them. There is no viewer. Whoa.

I’ve been keeping journals since then, visual and written. After over a decade of not being able to maintain a practice (start. stop. start. forget. start. get self-conscious) I express myself almost every day in writing or process painting like what I learned from Lisa.

It was an opening into freedom of feeling and being in the moment, aware and channeling that great creative momentum of doing — the one where when you look back at what you’ve created (later on) you think to yourself (with awe and admiration of sorts) “I created that!? Wow.”

— Rachel Dominguez-Brenner

The way we approach the blank page is a metaphor for life.

I’ll show you how it is fun to create, how pleasurable it is to tap into the visions and dreams that wait within you, eager for expression.

Especially if you don’t think of yourself as “creative” or “artistic”. Or if you’ve lost confidence in your creativity lately. You’ll be amazed at what you create after just one session! I promise!

Each session offers process-inspired visual journaling techniques that incorporate mixed media collage, photography, painting, and writing.

Absolutely no experience is necessary. We’ll use simple supplies that you can easily find, stuff you might already have around the house, or buy for kids.

dreaming on paper: the creative sketchbook, collage art by lisa sonora beam

Course Dates: Next session starts March 20, 2017.

Four week online workshop, with lifelong access (including access to any new content!). You’ll receive a confirmation email when you register, with the details you need to access our private course website.


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You’ll Get:

  • Dozens of step-by-step tutorials with hundreds of images — that make it fun and easy to face the blank page
  • Helpful tips and ideas to make time and space to create: for busy people who don’t have an art studio!
  • Engaging and delightful visual journaling prompts that you can pick and choose, mix and match
  • Exclusive access to my own sketchbooks and creative process that I don’t share anywhere else
  • Mp3 recordings that you can download and listen to wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Group sharing and connecting in our private course website
  • A free copy of the Digital Edition is included in your registration ($147 value)

    The Digital Edition ofThe Creative Sketchbook that can be read on your computer, printed out, or opened inside the ibooks or Kindle app on your other devices.  All of the content from The Creative Sketchbook online workshop is beautifully presented inside so you can keep and use the workshop tutorials forever.

    See the entire course outline at the bottom of this page.

This workshop takes place entirely online, so you can participate wherever you are.  This online course is a creative journey that you can take without leaving home. I’ll guide you every step of the way.


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ImagineNation: WhereThe Creative Sketchbook Takes Us

Every idea first begins with a dream, or some inking to create or grow that we can’t quite name.

My dream is the simple desire to create beauty and use art for healing, and show others how to do the same.

I discovered how to follow my dream and even make a living from it, using this simple, yet powerful creative of lisa sonora beam in the studio

Your Tour Guidess:

Lisa Sonora

I want to help you give voice to your creative dreams, and keeping a creative sketchbook is the most simple, fun, and easy direct route I know to take you there.

Visual journaling and keeping sketchbooks has been a lifelong practice for me, one that’s supported me in every area of my life and work.

This work is practical.

This work is imaginative.

I first began sharing these this work when I was a therapist in psychiatric hospitals, with patients in treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders.

Since then, for more than 20 years, thousands of people around the world (on five continents and counting!) have experienced the power and magic of visual journaling with me at retreats and in workshops.

The Creative Sketchbook gives your the most powerful and potent tools that I rely on every day in my life and work, and that have joyfully empowered so many other creative souls. I can’t wait to share this with you!with love, Lisa Sonora

A visual journal page created by student Jennifer Joanou

What do we actually do in the The Creative Sketchbook workshop?

Here’s the full content outline:

Session 1 is all about…LISTENING

Learn quick and easy ways to get started in your sketchbook right away — absolutely no experience is necessary to begin!

You’ll be painting with wild abandon once you’ve tried any of the six painting techniques designed to demystify art supplies and trick the inner critic into submission.

Session 1 Contents

  • The What & Why of Creative Sketchbooks
  • Studio Agreements – creating a safe, supportive space where everything can happen
  • Supplies – assembling a low-cost set of visual art supplies that are easy to find and use
  • Types of Sketchbooks & Journals – and how to select the one that’s right for you
  • Paint: The best kind of paint to use and what colors to get
  • Painting Technique 1
  • Painting Technique 2
  • Painting Technique 3
  • Painting Technique 4
  • Painting Technique 5
  • Painting Technique 6
  • Pens & Pencils Up! Daring to make your mark. Creating mixed-media, layered pages.
  • Audio lesson: The Art of Listening – What we’re really developing as we paint our pages and work with the visual journaling process it the ability to listen inwardly to our own inner voice. This recording will take you on a journey of listening in a way that you haven’t before.
  • The Blank Page & Vulnerability (view sample content here)

Session 2 is all about…OBSERVING

In this session of Dreaming On Paper, we will begin to work more with words…

If you’ve ever felt a little bit intimidated by the idea of writing, whether in a visual journal, diary, or anywhere else, don’t worry.

Just like we faced the blank page by playing with paint in uncommon ways, we’ll tiptoe in to the territory of words in the same spirit.

If words are your thing: maybe you’re a writer, speaker, poet, teacher, marketing guru…then playing with words this way is bound to open up some new doors and windows in your imagination.

Session 2 Contents

  • Overview (you are here on this page now)
  • Treasure Hunt – We’ll start by collecting words and images to incorporate into your sketchbook.
  • Adding Phrases to a Journal Page – how to mix writing, words and images with in a visual journal
  • Making Journal entries and even Poetry without actually writing
  • Collecting Collage Material – where to find good stuff and how to organize it
  • Using Quotes in Your Sketchbook
  • Writing in Your Sketchbook – What do you write about? And how do you make it visual? What if you hate your handwriting?!
  • Full Page Tutorial – Start to finish, you’ll peek inside my own journal and see how I approach the blank page.
  • Audio: The Art of Observing – Strengthening your power to see and focus on what really matters to you

Session 3 is all about…FLOW

This week I’ll show you more ways to add color and texture to your sketchbook, and encourage your to experiment with very simple drawings done over your painted and collaged pages.

Additionally, as you try the new tutorials and learn new techniques, I invite you to mix and match from the session 1 and 2 tutorials.
Session 3 Contents

  • Why Keep a Visual Journal?
  • How to Make Simple Drawings – When You’re Not An Artist
  • Painting Without Paint
  • Make Your Own Decorative Papers for Collage
  • Textured Sketchbook Pages
  • Why Paint? How All Of This FUN Translates Into Something Wildly Practical
  • More on the Paint We Use in Sketchbooks – There are endless supplies and techniques to learn in the world of art…the challenge is to use a somewhat limited range of supplies so that we can travel more deeply into an inner world, the one that lives below the surface of what ends up on the page.
  • On Loving (and hating) Your Pages – What to do when you are in serious DISlike of your pages? Never fear! Help is here!
  • Ugly Page Clinic –
  • Audio: The Art of Creative Flow – crafting a small, portable visual journal for the sole purpose of paying fierce attention to what we love most in this world and in our lives, is the best way I know to make a vessel, a container for the creative force that wants to flow to us and through us.

Session Four is all about…ALIGNMENT

Before diving in to more page technique tutorials, learn what you can do with the simplest of supplies – what you already have in your purse. No paint necessary!

  • Pilgrimage of the Heart (with markers & pens) what you can do with simple blank pages, a pen, and a few colored markers, crayons or colored pencils—with some very personal pages from my sketchbooks…
  • Peeling Paint
  • Dry Brush
  • Foam Stamp Texture
  • Textured and layered backgrounds with magazines
  • Rubber Stamping
  • Lettering with Stamps (and stencils)
  • Creating a Quote Meditation
  • More Collage Techniques
  • Simple Supply Organization
  • Using Personal Photos in your sketchbook
  • Putting It All Together (another step-by-step full page tutorial)
  • Dreams into Reality – How can something that is so fun, and so…seemingly frivolous—playing with paint on paper, stream-of-conscious play, inside a sketchbook—really make a dent in the big deal problems and struggles that I am facing right now?
  • Audio: The Art of Creative Alignment Alignment — How to keep your creative channel open

Register Now

Choose the registration option that suits you best. Oh, and before you register, please make sure you’re OK with the policies, listed above. 🙂 Thanks!

Registration: $247


You’ll have the option to pay in full now, or get pay in two payments of $127. 

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