Chevron Stripes for Your Walls…


I have a not-so-minor obsession with stripes. In particular, stripes of the chevron kind.

My sketchbooks are filled with chevron sketches, but they look a bit more tribal. And I never draw lines with rulers.

Ever since I came across this interior design shot of a Chicago apartment (it’s even a rental!) I’ve been wanting to paint a wall in chevron stripes.

Grey has been a huge part of my color palette lately, which is really strange since I live in Mexico, which is like living in some little kids color palette that exploded all over everything.

Or maybe that’s why I am drawn to greys at home.

Anyway, I’m still working away on the new Creative Entrepreneur site, so that eventually you’ll be able to see more than just the minifesto on the front door.

Which means: I won’t be painting any chevron walls soon. These are the¬†sorts of projects I like to take on while procrastinating.

If you get a wild hair to try this at home, lemme know. And send pics!


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