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Journal Peek: Inside My 30 Day Visual Journal

Inside my new visual journal "Journey", Studio Journal #5It’s always so satisfying to create a visual journal from scratch, and to work on a brand new 30 Day Journal Project.

I’ll show you how I’m starting to work in my Journey visual journal in this studio video.

Art & Travel TV

If I were to have a travel show or reality TV show, it would be called something like: Watching Paint Dry, and be all about artist studio visits.

Getting to observe artists working in their natural habitat is what inspired this Studio Journal series of videos I’ve been sharing here on my blog. I’m starting with my own studio, and plan to include other artist’s studios as the opportunity arises.

Art House Oaxaca

Today’s Studio Journal video shows you where I’ve been working lately: in the large studio here at Art House Oaxaca. This is where I host workshops—my own, and those of other teachers.

The space is also available by the week or month for creative types who want to get away to Mexico and design their own artist retreat. You can message the Facebook page for Art House Oaxaca for info. We’ll also be posting upcoming workshops and events.

BTW: Oaxaca is pronounced, “wa-ha-ka”, and is located in Mexico.

Raise your hand if you love visiting artists in their studios as much as I do.

Feel free to ask questions and let me know what you’d like me to share in future studio journals.

Who knows where this is all going. I do know to trust the creative impulse, and that it always takes me exactly where I most want to be.

As always, thanks so much for popping by!

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I teach several online workshops that show you how to make your own visual journals.

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