call for curators and 30 day journal project wranglers

I was going to write a quick Facebook update about how I was crying when I looked at posts participants shared for the Root: 30 Day Journal Project.

But then, it just made more sense to show, not tell. Without bothering to get camera ready. People who love me put up with my perpetually uncombed hair. I look like this even not at 6 am before I’ve had my tea.

Bottom line is that project curators, and curation ideas are needed. Can you help? First step is to find a wrangler or two willing to lead the curation effort. Is that you?

THE MOVIE WILL BE HERE, as soon as tech issues are resolved.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can learn about the project here, and join us!

The hashtag I mentioned is: #30DayJournal


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