Oaxaca City, Mexico Travel Update

colorful paper banners in Oaxaca

Colorful paper banners (papel picado) decorate a whole ceiling of a restaurant here in Oaxaca, Mexico

For all coming to Oaxaca, please be assured that travel to Oaxaca City is unaffected by the earthquakes.

Our workshops at Art House Oaxaca are on and we are eager to share our wonderful city with you!

Please share this post with anyone you know who wants to travel here.


I’m just back from a monthlong creative adventure where I went mostly analog. That is, offline and into the world — meeting with friends in cafes and for long walks and art dates across various European cities.

There is so much to process and share with you. Honestly I am rather jet-lagged at the moment and therefore lagging “behind” in work projects. Do you ever feel you need a vacation after your vacation?

what I’ll be doing instead of email…

 I heard the news today, oh, boy…

The most difficult thing to experience while traveling was getting the upsetting news of earthquakes in Mexico.

Since I wasn’t watching the news, how I found out was I would start getting streams of text messages from friends asking, “Are you OK?!” “Just checking to make sure you are alright, please let me know!” or, “SO sad about the devastation in Mexico… again!”

I would google the news and get the info. Then text everyone at home (my house sitters and dog caretakers) to check in. Because communications were being overloaded, and I was in a time zone with 9 hours difference, sometimes it took awhile to hear back…so nerve wracking.

Each time I got news of another quake striking Mexico so close to home, I went through the same process.

  1. Get bombarded by texts from friends (thank you and I LOVE YOU!)
  2. check the news as quickly as possible and get out (the news has a way of adding to the drama in ways that are not helpful and traumatizing – so I try not to go there)
  3. check in with everyone at home – texts and calls and… waiting
  4. let everyone know all is well, including a social media post

Lots of messages came in from people coming here to Oaxaca for retreats, wondering what was going on and if it’s safe to travel here.

Oaxaca City Travel Update

Oaxaca City, where I live and where the Art House Oaxaca workshops are happening, is unaffected by the earthquakes. While Oaxaca City did FEEL those quakes, no damage major damage happened. A few things fell off high shelves here at home, but that’s it.

What’s confusing, is that the news reported on earthquakes in or near Oaxaca, but Oaxaca is a state as well as a city. Oaxaca City is in great shape, however people are afraid to travel here because of the news that simply mentions Mexico or Oaxaca.

Responding to the News

My intention in all of the work I do, whether painting, writing, teaching or hosting creativity retreats, is to be an uplifter.

My intention is to inspire you to find your connection with your creative source. This connection has been and continues to be the most life-giving, life-changing and wondrous thing I have ever experienced. When we have this creative connection within, everything is possible.

Instead of perpetuating more sadness, I wondered how to share my status update in a creative way.


I still wonder, how can I best communicate to people that it is safe to travel here to Mexico? That continuing with travel plans already made is not only OK, but life-affirming?

Susannah Rigg’s Conde Nast Travel story, Want to Help Oaxaca, Mexico? Don’t Cancel Your Travel Plans adds another important perspective: the power of our travel dollars to benefit those in need.


When it comes to travel (or anything) how can we be emboldened to make choices out of love and desire, rather than hold back out of fear and anxiety?

These were the same questions I held close and wrote about here as I embarked on my September Sabbatical, deeply saddened by the terror attacks in Barcelona, Spain, where I was headed.

That article is titled, For the Love of the World, Why Travel Now.

I share my story of why I travel and what I hope to accomplish by leading creativity retreats for women around the world. I do hope you’ll read it. The conclusion fits this post as well:

Doing what we love most takes us the places we really want to go.

If you are following a dream or idea that really lights you up, you’ll be afraid sometimes.

There will also be reasonable and logical reasons presented on why your dream or idea might be too dangerous or worth putting off until you’re ready or the political climate is better.

Go anyway.

Creativity + Travel + Courage has been theme of my blog since 2002.

This is the courage part. Sometime courage means literally going where we are afraid to go.

Let your creative wanderlust lead. Get some travel insurance. Expect the best. This is your life and it’s the most important creative journey you ever decided to take. I hope it takes you Oaxaca, Mexico or some other far-flung place that both intrigues and freaks you out a little.

Even though I’m jet-lagged and full to the brim from a month of travel, you can bet I’m already dreaming up my next adventure. If you’d like to travel with me…

Let’s Travel & Create Together

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