Sketching in Mexico: Field Trip to Cuilapam Ruins in Oaxaca

Sketching in Mexico - Field Trip to Cuilapam Ruins, Studio Journal #3

Welcome to another edition of my studio journal!

Studio Journal #3

Today we’re packing up our sketchbooks and art supplies and hitting the road.

We’re going on a field trip to one of my favorite places in Oaxaca, Mexico — the ruins of the ex-convento Cuilapam de Guerrero, just outside of Oaxaca City.

I’ll show you the altered book I’ve been using as a travel sketchbook. It’s been quite a few places and the binding is starting to come apart. But I just love sketching over my painted backgrounds.

In the video, you’ll see Connie Solera, of Dirty Footprints Studio, sketching away. As well as a couple of her students. I brought her group here during the Paint Fearless Mexico retreat.

If you’re wishing you could have been here, no need to fret. You haven’t missed out, as Connie is coming back in November to Paint Fearless again!

And this is one of the places I bring groups in my Creative Passport Mexico retreats.

Next week I’ll show you the sketching supplies I brought along. I was quite pleased that they all fit in my leather shoulder bag.


Thanks to you all for your love and encouragement for these studio videos.

You can see the first, Paint Fearless, and the second, on Keeping a Studio Journal here.

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