Art Date This Weekend?

bella & macchiato outside my studio

Bella & Macchiato holding space outside my painting studio this morning. I came out to photograph the angles of light…they got there first!

Happy Friday!

I’ve been spiffing up my studio space and making room for some brand new paintings that I’ve been sketching out in my visual journals.

While collage ephemera is getting sorted, and old projects are tucked away, I keep returning to my sketchbook to make notes, tape in bits of inspiration, and…add more drawings. So the organizing is taking longer than it should. Especially since I keep photographing my dogs. (Note: You may see some dog paintings in my future.)

Keeping a visual journal / sketchbook / art journal (choose the name you like best) is my #1 creative and business tool. I use it for everything!

As a reward for my hard work, I’ve earmarked time to do some art journaling projects led by other teachers. This is a luxury for me, getting to be the student and relish another artist’s approach to the blank page.

One of my favorite resources is the 21 Secrets Art Journaling series, and I’m writing to you today because the 2014 Editions have just gone on sale at a big discount before they are retired forever.

I’m one of the teachers in Spring 2014. The whole pack of 21 workshops is on sale for $58, or you can get Spring & Fall 2014 for just $100 for both – 42 lessons from 42 different teachers! The deal is right here.

If you’ve been eager to learn art journaling, or have taken some of my classes, I think you’ll love 21 Secrets. I’ll be playing in the Fall 2014 Edition this weekend, enjoying an art date with myself.

examples of 21 Secrets Teacher Journals

Art Journal Pages by 21 SECRETS Teachers (Top) Jeanette House, Lisa Cheney, Lisa Sonora Beam (Bottom) Katie Kendrick

Following is a piece I wrote about 21 Secrets back in Spring, 2014.

My workshop is about writing in the visual journal, but the rest of the workshops are visual. Connie loved my memoir and wanted me to help her students feel more confident in their writing.

Enjoy! And happy creating!

Do you love art journaling?

Are you just starting out? Or would you love to deepen your practice?

I hope you’ll join me for 21 SECRETS.

21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop 2014

21 SECRETS is celebrating it’s fifth year of gathering talented, inspiring Artists eager to share their art journaling secrets with you.



Click this link to learn more and register.

I’m so honored that I was invited to be a part of this.

A New Chapter: Fearless Writing in Your Journal, by Lisa Sonora Beam, as part of 21 Secrets Art Journaling Online Workshop

Because so many people find writing in their journals intimidating, I’ve designed a class called: A New Chapter: Fearless Writing In Your Journal. 

A New Chapter: Fearless Writing In Your Journal

I want to live in a world where women aren’t afraid of writing in their journals — because when we have the confidence to begin putting words to paper, we start getting all sorts of things we really, really want.

Did you know: writing can be sorta magical that way?

Examples from Lisa Sonora Beam Sketchbooks and Visual Journals

When women tell me they long to write, but don’t, it’s almost always because of very common, persistent fears: I’m not good enough, Who am I to write, I have nothing to say, I don’t know proper grammar, can’t even spell, I’m afraid to be seen and heard…What if I suck at writing? What if I do it wrong?

This saddens and frustrates me. I can’t think of a greater tragedy that having a creative dream inside that never gets expressed. 

Your New Chapter is an experiential workshop that will get you writing in the privacy of your journal. With ease. With courage. With grace. With compassion. This is where the magic starts.

It’s all about letting the blank page be your ally. A place of sanctuary and safety, where you can gently learn to express yourself. Then you’ll experience the magic of writing for yourself.

Click here to get this workshop, plus 20 other awesome workshops, as part of 21 SECRETS.


21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop Collage of Mixed-Media Awesomeness!


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