Are you tending your creative fire? Matches inside.

I thought maybe you could use a little inspiration (ignition?) this weekend, so I’ve gathered up a bunch of goodies to stoke your creative fire.

Tending the Creative Fire is big on my mind these days.

All month, I’ve been raking the coals and igniting sparks with thousands of others who are journaling with me in the 30 Day Journal Project.

Even though I’ve been a journaling fool for a lifetime, this has been a month of breakthrough and homecoming. Rewards of facing the blank page.

The articles below invite you into the pages of my journal, take you behind-the-scenes of my creative process, and include tips and techniques for you to use right away.

Spark your own bonfire of breakthrough—or create an internal combustion revolution—it’s all in here.

Fire it up! Links to everything are below.

Let me know what happens.

Godspeed and safety googles,

P.S. See you in Portland?

I’ll be in Portland, Oregon the first week of September for two events.

1. A Gallery Show featuring 108 of my paintings

Beyond The Story: Exploring Visual Memoir, Exhibit Postcard

This September, my birthday month, brings a powerful dream-come-true to celebrate.

A (big) selection of my paintings will exhibited in a gallery. 108 paintings, to be exact.

I’ve selected 108 pieces from my marathon 1008 Paintings Project to reveal my particular slant on visual memoir in a group show with two other artists called, Beyond The Story: Exploring Visual Memoir.

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2. An in person, small group workshop with me

(just 10 or so kindred souls, which is like getting private session together)

Nearly SOLD OUT — two spots left. The link below will take you to the info:

Dreaming on Paper LIVE in Portland, Oregon! * Saturday, September 6th, 2014 *

Using personal photos in your art journals and sketchbookscatherine anderson photography art journal sketchbook

If you fear facing the blank page of your journal—especially if writing is what gets in your way—this one simple technique will fill your pages (and creative soul) effortlessly.

It’s also a terrific use for all of those photos stored and forgotten in our devices. As part of the ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project, I’ve asked several artists who keep visual journals, sketchbooks or …

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day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August30 day journal project, day 3

At the start of these daily posts about my progress with the 30 Day Journal Project, I always like to show you a photo of what my page looks like before I start writing.

We all begin with a blank page.

This is universal to all creatives.

This is easy to forget when facing our own blank pages. Today’s theme is …

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from nervous breakdown to bibliotherapy1008 paintings project bibliotherapy acrylic collage encyclopedia lisa sonora

This is a story about how I changed my mind about what to show in the Beyond the Story exhibit.

It’s a chapter within a larger tale about the BigAss Move I’ve made from the USA to Mexico.

Last summer, Christine Martell told me about her idea to produce a group show exploring the idea of visual memoir, and invited me to participate. …

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day 2 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August30 day journal project, day 2

This is what today’s page looked like before I started journaling.

As mentioned in yesterday’s Day 1 post, I’m using one of my one-of-a-kind Artful Traveler Journals for this project.

This one is made out of a mix of papers, including old topography maps that I’ve trimmed to size.

The brown kraft paper is one of my favorite papers. I’m already inspired …

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a peek into my visual journal with the Rilke quotecollecting poetic wisdom for your journal

“I want to unfold. Let nothing in me hold itself closed. For where I am closed, I am false. I want to be clear in your sight.” — Rainer Maria Rilke said that Whether found in a novel, book of poems, a film or a lecture, when we come across a quote that gives us pause, it’s a good idea …

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30 day journal project, day 1day 1 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

From August 1 – 30, I’m hosting the 30 Day Journal Project, a online event with the aim of getting more people journaling.

If you’d like to join me, go to the project page and sign up. It’s totally free to participate.

I’m using one of my one-of-a-kind Artful Traveler Journals for this project. I love this style of journal because …

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 Dreaming on Paper Online Workshop

Dreaming on Paper: The Creative Sketchbook is open for registration – course starts online in September.

Get the foundation course for everything I teach, and learn how to create your own magical books of wisdom, healing, transformation.

There is a limited opportunity for 1:1 mentoring with me, too.

I only take six private clients, and only durning course registration.

Which is now.

Click here to go to the course page and see the options available to you.

Dreaming on Paper is the pre-requisite course for the 7 Creative Powers workshop coming in October, as well as for the Creative Practice Facilitator Training, which opens this Fall. WooHoo!

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