30 day journal project, day 3

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

At the start of these daily posts about my progress with the 30 Day Journal Project, I always like to show you a photo of what my page looks like before I start writing.

We all begin with a blank page. This is universal to all creatives.

This is easy to forget when facing our own blank pages.

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

Today’s theme is Cultivate.

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

The images here are from a photocopy of one of my sketchbook pages circa 2001 – 2002, when my life was going through upheaval triggered by death and betrayal. I experienced abandonment of every level.

The crisis reminded me so much of the traumas of my childhood: moving constantly, sometimes homeless, often in orphanages, foster homes or living relatives. Abandonment, abuse, and betrayal by parents and other caretakers.

It was like I was re-experiencing one of my deepest wounds.

To heal, I began to explore the question: What does it mean to be rooted?

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

It’s wonderful to be able to paste this image right into my journal, knowing that I came out of that experience with the wholeness and well-being that I always wanted, but didn’t know how to get.

My own creative process, along with daring to honestly address my fears, (of being worthless, unlovable, unwanted and not belonging anywhere) is what helped me make it to the other side.

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

One of the journaling prompts for Day 3 is: What is the root that I most need to cultivate within myself now?

I filled a few pages, surprised at what emerged.

In fact, the day before, I had almost already answered the prompt in my head, so certain I was of what most needs cultivating now.

When I started to write, a whole different subject flowed forth.

I gained an entirely new perspective on a many years long dilemma, along with a whole new approach to resolving it for good.

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August

The whole process took less than half an hour, including my meditation with rubber alphabet stamps to underline my epiphany.

The slow and deliberate nature of inking and stamping one letter at a time takes me further into the contemplative zone where my new ideas are forming.

I can hardly wait to explore tomorrow’s prompt.

day 3 journal pages from root 30 day journal project in August


In case you just landed here and have no idea what I’m talking about:

From August 1 – 30, I’m hosting the 30 Day Journal Project, a online event with the aim of getting more people journaling.

If you’d like to participate, go to the project page and sign up. It’s totally free to participate.

About my daily journal posts

I’ll be posting my pages daily, usually the day after I make them. Need the time to photograph in good light, upload, etc.

Since I’m not in the habit of daily posting here, I won’t suddenly start emailing subscribers everyday. Instead, I’ll round up the posts once a week or so, and send them that way.

If you do want to keep up with my daily posts in August, simply come over to my website, or sign up to get my posts via RSS my clicking the Bloglovin’ icon. It’s on the sidebar, over to the right of the page.

A favor to ask

The 30 Day Journal Project is free to all.

My audacious dream is to have 10,000 people journaling together. Life changing and world changing! I’ve come to learn that audacity is the cure for self-doubt.

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Thank you!



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  1. Darlene Rose DeMaria August 9, 2014 at 12:07 am #

    Thank you so much about your “deep” share re: your experience with DEATH, BETRAYAL and ABANDONMENT. I realize how DEATH sometimes brings out the worst in people, such a desperate survival of grabbing and having no real regard for words, actions and what the reactions are doing to the closest souls around. I thought I was the only one that experienced such savage betrayal upon the death of our mother. Thank you for the ART to express. Giving me the free reign to allow my ARTIST to come out and play! I appreciate your en COURAGE ment!
    from my heart,

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