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Why Creative Practice?

The thing I’m asked most often is how I am able to make a living as an artist.

I could tell you about Paypal buttons, affiliate programs, social media techniques, pricing your work, marketing your work, branding your work, selling your work.

But the true secret to my success as an artist and creative entrepreneur has to do with just one thing: having a creative practice.

The secret is not in your products, services, packaging, messaging, pricing, and the other details we get hung up on. The secret is in having a Creative Practice.

During our 8 weeks together, Creative + Practice is designed help you:

  • Develop a daily creative practice in a gentle, yet effective and sustainable way
  • Discover how to use creative practice to make progress on your goals, dreams, and ideas
  • Build a solid foundation for a flourishing creative practice you can use for a lifetime
  • Learn easy-to-use expressive journaling tools — no previous art or writing experience is required at all
  • Utilize the power of positive habit change
  • Challenge assumptions and old patterns of thought
  • Keep a creative sketchbook as a tool for healing, transformation, problem-solving and insight

“There was a period of time when I sort of gave up on some of the things that brought me joy, including creative practice. But what surprised me about doing creative practice is that it opened up some creative channels in myself that I didn’t know were there.

During this dark time, I kept returning to the sketchbook to process my experiences. I must admit I tried to ignore it, but it kept calling to me and the more I returned to the page, the more I wanted to return to the page.

Now I don’t try to ignore it – this creative practice is as much as part of my life as my daily cup of coffee and a morning walk.” — Max

What is Creative Practice?

Creative + Practice is an 8-week, multimedia e-course created by Lisa Sonora, author of The Creative Entrepreneur.

This video from one of the workshop sessions tells you more:

Creative + Practice: This is not art, it’s a journey.

I really love this journey and its depth. I love lesson 3 and the ending question: “What does it mean to be the cartographer of your own creative journey?” What an important question.

Thanks Lisa – I love having a secret place to work things out!

Never thought of creative journals as that, but you are so right!

— Gena Lumbroso


You’ll get a solid set of tools and techniques that help you gain clarity and focus, while building the momentum that keeps you moving through the creative cycle: 

1. beginning

2. completing

3. navigating the middle

Which part of the creative cycle do you struggle with most?

“Simply creating the container — the set time, the pairing, the new sketchbook — was revelatory.

Within five minutes I had filled two pages full of sketches and notes for new art projects. And I thought I was stuck? Yeah – no.

If the first step brought this much abundance, I can’t imagine where I’ll be at the end of eight weeks. Deep thanks, Lisa Sonora!”

– Joanna Powell Colbert

Who Does Creative + Practice?

These tools are for everyone who wants to create more and not hesitate, at whatever stage of art-making they are.

The methods are equally powerful for absolute beginners with no experience, to seasoned creative professionals who are burnt out or need to take their work in a new direction.

Whatever it is holding you back, and wherever you are right now, Creative + Practice will easily guide you to step around what’s been in the way and increase your productivity many times over.

I am a Martha Beck Life Coach who also loves art. I have journaled all my life and still have my old journals from when I was in high school. I just never thought of doing the two together till I started this workshop—and I am loving it.

Gwen Joynerwood, South Africa

What’s Included in Creative + Practice

  • Step-by-Step video tutorials
  • Written lessons
  • Inspirational videos from me in my studio
  • Dozens of Sketchbook Activities and Creative Prompts
  • A beautifully designed .pdf of all of the lesson contents and video links
  • Exclusive access to my own sketchbooks and creative process that I don’t share anywhere else
  • Compassionate Encouragement every step of the way – to help you stay the course, follow through…and get the most out of the experience
  • Group sharing and connecting on a private website and Facebook group

Thank you so much — Creative Practice played such a big part in my Great Creative Awakening.

I can’t live without working in my sketchbook now. Yay!”

Creative + Practice honestly changed my life.

No words to tell you how HUGELY excited I am about this. Thank you, Lisa!”

— Love, Shelly Noyes

Registration Details:

Where: Online. You can participate wherever you are.

When: This workshop is self-paced and begins when you sign up!

SIGN UP to Start Your Creative Practice

Registration: $497 -OR- 2 Payments of $249

*Before you register, please make sure you’re OK with the policies, below. 

How it works: Each week for a total of eight weeks, you’ll get a new lesson, pacing you gently and steadily in the spirit of effortless accomplishment.

The course happens inside a members-only site where you can interact with me and other participants by sharing your experience and questions, plus participation in a private Facebook group.

This course is experiential, using art supplies and a blank sketchbook in unconventional ways.

Worried about keeping up? No need to stress about that!

Each week, you’ll get a handy .pdf document for each and every week of the course (eight in total), that you can use and reference forever, plus lifetime access to the course, so you can join in again when you want to refresh. 

Every week for 8 weeks, you’ll get a new lesson.

  • Lessons are posted on a private website, where you can ask questions, leave comments, and learn from others in the workshop
  • We’ll take this entire 8 weeks to slowly and gently ease into developing your Creative Practice.
  • Each lesson builds on the next, giving you a solid foundation for a flourishing Creative Practice you can use for a lifetime.
  • Each week includes prompts and creative challenges for you to use to develop your own Creative Practice.
  • Since this is a visual, creative process, you’ll get visuals! Each email will include a link to a video of me broadcasting from my studio. The videos will show Creative Practice techniques and provide you additional ideas and information to ponder.
  • I’ll show you what I’m working on and you’ll get to see my Creative Practice in action.

What you need to participate:

  • An Internet connection and email account to receive the emails.
  • The ability to view videos online in your web browser.
  • A blank journal or sketchbook to do the Creative Practice.
  • There will be some simple art materials required if you want to try all of the techniques. Budget about $20 for your supplies. You’ll be able to find supplies online or at your local craft shop or office supply.

No prior art or writing experience is required.

Absolute beginners and those who feel they are “not creative” are especially encouraged to attend!  

Here’s what some participants have shared about their experience with Creative + Practice:

“I’m really appreciating that the exercises I do in my journaling somehow give me lots of inspiration for my creative sewing business.”  – Liz

“It feels like I’m really taken great care of myself, nurturing the best parts of myself and getting excited to see what blooms!” – Annette

“The space to write ideas without judgment is very helpful.  I am feeling more inspired and trusting my ideas more.” – Briana

I appreciate the reminder that consistent creative practice gives that says that I’m worth the time.” – L’Tanya


You’ll receive a confirmation by email when your register, with details on how to access our online classroom.

Important: All course information and materials will be emailed to the email addresses you used when registering.

If you require the materials be sent to an alternate email address, (for example, if you bought this as a gift for someone or don’t want to use the email from your payment account) please forward your confirmation receipt to with the subject line: creative practice preferred email, and let her know the email you’d like to use to receive future course mailings and updates.

Refunds: If you don’t like the workshop for any reason, please let me know within the first two weeks, and I’ll happily refund your money.

Are you a little bit scared of jumping in? (That’s a good sign.)

Are you ready to stop being pushed around by fear?

If you got a yes on those two questions, I think you’ll really love what happens in Creative + Practice.

Registration Details:

Where: Online. You can participate wherever you are.

When: This workshop is self-paced and begins when you sign up!

SIGN UP to Start Your Creative Practice

Registration: $497 OR 2 payments of $249



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