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Lisa Sonora in her writing cabin in MexicoWhere I’m writing to you, in my garden writing cabin in Mexico

Happy June — I’m so glad you’re here!

Here’s what’s happening right now…

How is it already… SUMMER?!

Yikes! Is it just me, or has 2018 been on accelerate mode?

Since January of this year, I’ve had house/art guests all month. A dream come true —AND all-consuming.

It’s such a treat hanging out with the teachers and all of the workshop students. I feel so honored to witness and hold space for the creative journey of so many.

Because it’s so fun visiting with y’all, all this socializing does take me away from my usual creative rhythms. Which is actually a good thing.

My summer writing retreat

Lisa Sonora & Emily Trinkaus at Monte Alban ruins in Oaxaca, Mexico

In January, I co-lead a creativity immersion retreat with Emily Trinkaus. During the writing sessions, I was surprised how much first draft material spewed forth, all related to a memoir that’s been mostly on the back burner.

I kept thinking: Geez, what I really want to do is block off a chunk of time to really work on this. Looking at my calendar, my summer was mostly clear, so that’s what I did. Blocked off the time to write.

Since accountability and creating go together so well, I also decided to open up Art House for individuals who also want to come work on a creative project of their own. No facilitation, just each person doing their own thing at a lovely artists haven in Mexico. More on that in a sec.

Come see me in my writing cabin. I made a short video for you. 

EffortLESS Creating Update

I’ve creating a brand new FREE video training series for you.

I share my 6 part model for EffortLESS Creating, which has helped thousands of people make their creative dreams a reality.

While I intended to launch this new training in the Spring, something remarkable happened: whole new worlds of information opened up to me. I don’t know any other way to explain it than it felt like getting a download. It’s stuff I’ve practiced and taught for decades now, but suddenly it all came together in exciting new ways.

So instead of launching according to schedule, I finally surrendered and have gone back to the drawing board. Who can argue with a cosmic download? I’ll take it! All of this new material is taking shape with what I had originally planned.

I’m really proud of how this new work is shaping up. So rather than promise a particular launch date, I’m just going to say — it’s coming soon-ish.

You can get it the moment it’s released. Totally free. The link below will tell you much more, too.

Get EffortLESS Creating Here

Vacations for Your Creative Soul

Do you like the idea of combining art-making with a vacation? If so, I have a couple of new opportunities to share with you.

MOMENTUM: The Working Vacation Where You Get Your Creative Work DONE

Inspired by the 1:1 work I do with clients (spending a week with them in person designing a new business or creative project), I’ve created a new small group experience, MOMENTUM — the working vacation where you get your creative work done. The first session happens January 1-8, 2019, and is limited to just five people. Check it out here >

On of the guest rooms at Art House Oaxaca

DIY: Art Residencies In Mexico

If you are looking for something more unstructured, but want to get away and create, (or just get away!) then your own private artist retreat could be just the thing your creative soul is yearning for. Right now, there is space available from now through the first week of September, and then again next April, 2019. All the details are here >

Upcoming In-Person Workshops

Due to some last minute cancellations, there are still spots available  in Wiser & Wilder: Women’s Creativity Immersion, the Art and Writing Retreat in Mexico for Women 50+

And last but not least…

To make up for not offering a workshop for Day of the Dead this year (I’ll be in Europe at that time) I’ve just added an art workshop and tour in honor of The Virgin of Guadalupe — my favorite holiday in Mexico.

Creative Passport: Virgin of Guadalupe Art Workshop & Tour


There are both single and double rooms available, and you’re the first to know!

Quick Links:

My latest blog post is here.

All workshops — online and in person are here.

Thanks again for popping by today.

I’m wishing you creativity + courage with whatever you are working with now.

from heart,

Lisa Sonora



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