Going to Europe for September Sabbatical

on of the paintings completed this summer in the Guad Squad series.

on of the paintings completed this summer in the Guad Squad series.

Hi there, Gorgeous Genius!

Now that my Sanctuary Studio Summer has drawn to a close, I’m off to Europe for a month.

Not to teach this time. This trip is for pure pleasure, celebration and creative renewal, and I’ve been eager to tell you about it.

Creative Journey

September is my birthday month, so I decided, sort of last minute, to go on a creative adventure.

It’s a kind of #septembersabbatical, and will be doing just what I’m encouraging you to do: travel, create, and stretch outside of your comfort zone.

I’m taking a creativity workshop in Paris, because it is such a luxury to be a participant and not always the leader. It helps me to shake up my routine and do things differently. After that, a retreat with one of my spiritual teachers, something I like to do at least once per year.

what I’ll be doing instead of email…

Your Europe Travel Tips Wanted

I’d love to know any tips you have for places to visit in Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Malta or Venice?

These are the main cities on my itinerary.

On September 25 (birthday day!) I’ll be in Malta. This is my first visit there and I’m so intrigued.

J’adore… I love…

I love journaling and while drinking strong coffee in beautiful cafes, combing through used book shops, visiting galleries and design shops that carry local, contemporary artists, listening to live jazz, and shopping for art and stationary supplies.

Roaming around a city taking photos, finding somewhere to sketch a little, catching up in my travel journal in a beautiful cafe… these are a few of my favorite things.

coffe in paris... always a good idea!

Join me next time?

If this sounds like your idea of a great time is what we do in my Creative Passport workshops. In case you want to come do this with me in Mexico or Italy next year.

Help Me Eat Clean & Green in Europe

Foodwise, I appreciate eating an abundance of greens in a beautifully designed space. When traveling, it’s a thrill to eat cuisine I can’t get in Oaxaca, Mexico – my favorites include any kind of Asian food.

The more veggies the better. If you know of any South Indian or Cantonese restaurants, please do tell!

Got a favorite juice bar, or a place with the best salads ever? Israeli chopped salads? Yes, please!

I’m eager to post here when I return and tell you about all I’ve discovered and created on this journey. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll take you with me as I explore, so please do come and share the #creativejourney with me.


Like the postcards? I’m working on a new travel postcard series. What do you think?

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Resting in Motion: My Sanctuary Studio Summer

This summer, I’m taking a big, huge break from online stuff (digital) to have more time in the studio (analog).

Instead of rest and relaxation, I’m called to deeply rest and rejuvenate.

Sanctuary Studio Summer

Sanctuary Studio was the name of the first incarnation of my blog, circa 2002. Sanctuary is what my creative practice gives me.

It may sound paradoxical, but I’ve found that the best way for me to recharge is to be in the studio. Painting. Writing. Dreaming. Playing around with new art supplies.

So yeah, technically I’m working. But I’m not in the studio to necessarily produce anything.

Also, one of my teenage nephews is visiting me for his summer vacation. So I get to be eccentric auntie full time for a couple of months. A total delight!

Here’s my studio space, where I wake up on the blank page every morning.

How do you recharge your creative energies?

If you’re wondering how you, too, can find the energy/time/focus/space to be regular in your creative work, check out Creative + Practice.

My dog Macchiato loves to help out in the studio. And steal paintbrushes.

This is Macchiato, one of my rescue dogs, with me in the Art House studio. He loves to steal paintbrushes. Don’t let that innocent look fool you.



Seems The Universe has been supporting my analog studio time by making my website not work at all (although it looked like it was working on my browser), so had no idea. For over a month!

Here’s what you missed or got annoying 404 errors when you tried to look:

My Small Victory In Overcoming Overthinking (edgy business cards inside)

Writing, Art, Astrology & Yoga: A New Year’s Retreat in Mexico

I was wondering why things were so…quiet… not even the sound of crickets!

Tell me you’re out there.

Thank you, Universe for having my back. Even if I sometimes doubt (curse!) your methods.

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